Stockholm Accommodation Wiki

Blocket is what Craigslist and Ebay is anywhere else in the world.

Like Craigslist, its design is poor and one may wonder why it is that important, but Blocket is the no.1 site in Sweden for private ads.

How to find the right section[]

The site is divided up by Sweden's provinces, making it easier to find something anything close to you. So choose Stockholm.

The relevant part is the drop-down list on the top labeled "Alla kategorier" (all categories). The three relevant choices are:

  • Lägenheter for appartments
  • Villor & Radhus for houses and row houses
  • Fritidsboende for holiday houses

Then you click on "Sök" (search).

Blue bubbles appear underneath which give subcategories. The relevant ones are:

  • Säljes via mäklare - appartments for sale through a real estate agent
  • Säljes privat - appartments for sale without the services of a real estate agent
  • Uthyres - to let

Improve your results[]

  • Be quick: Once you have found something acceptable, do not hesitate to contact the landlord. A Blocket ad of an interesting flat or room may receive dozens of replies within the first few hours. If you wait, you will probably not even be considered.
  • Use the telephone: if a telephone number is given, use it. By that you can get directly to the landlord. A new tenant may already have been found when the landlord opens his inbox.
  • There is a function "bevaka" (watch) which allows to save your search and keep track of new ads which come in. You can even order a SMS service which sends you any new relevant ads right away.