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Hyresrätt (literally right to rent) is the common Swedish name for a rental appartment.

The rental market is strictly regulated. Prices are fixed by the Hyresregleringen and the tenant has many rights. It is virtually impossible to throw a tenant out as long as he pays his rent and observes the rules.

Market for rental appartments[]


Most (legal) rental appartments with first-hand contract (förstahandskontrakt), i.e. that the landlord is the actual owner of the house, are advertised on a waiting queue, the so-called bostadskö. You can find more information and a list of suppliers in the main article on the topic.

Private rentals[]

Some people rent out their house or parts of it. This is legal in general, but they are usually advertised on the websites for second-hand flats (see Andrahand), which makes it difficult to distinguish them.

Other company-owned flats[]

Some private companies also have rental appartments and don't use a bostadskö. The rules they use to choose the tenant are hard to tell. An aspiring tenant has to have a stable economic situation - that's for sure. Beyond that it is probably a good idea to show activity, i.e. to call regularly.

Here a list with suppliers:

  • Akelius owns many rental appartments in the Stockholm area. It is also a bank so that you have priority if you start saving money there.
  • Stena Fastigheter provides a few appartments in Stockholm itself and Upplands Väsby. Some of its appartments are advertised on Stockholm's bostadskö, others on their own website.
  • Wallenstam owns many rental appartments in the region. Some of its appartments are advertised on Stockholm's bostadskö, others on their own website. Newly built houses are always advertised on Wallenstam's website.
  • Graflunds has appartments in the southern and northern outskirts of the region, among them Haninge, Upplands-Bro and Södertälje. Furthermore it has some appartments just outside Stockholm region.
  • HSB is a cooperative association which acts as a savings bank and is involved in construction of new buildings. They have rental appartments which can be rented by members of HSB. To become a member one can e.g. start saving at HSB.
  • Einar Mattsson has many appartments in the region. Some of them are given to the bostadskö, others are advertised on the website.
  • HEBA Fastighets AB uses primarily the bostadskö for most of its objects, but some of them are advertised on the website.
  • KJ Förvaltning owns appartments in Norrtälje and Uppsala. You can register yourself as interested (Intresseanmälan) by sending the application form to their office.
  • Lundbergs has some appartments in the Stockholm region. How the search for new tenants is not clear, but you can register your interest online.
  • Riflex has some appartments in Rimbo, quite far off in the northeastern corner of the region.
  • Storstockholms Fastighets AB has appartments in Strängnäs and Enköping just outside the Stockholm region. Its appartments in Stockholm itself are given to the bostadskö.

There may be a lot of smaller landlords (feel free to add some!). One way to find them is to check the websites of the communes. They usually have a section "Bo och bygga" (live and construct), which often names smaller landlords beside the bostadskö and the ones listed above.

Other services[]

  • claims to be an agency who helps people to find housing. It charges around 300 SEK per month for that service (longer time periods are cheaper).
  • is an automatic service which looks through all supplier websites in the region and tells the customers when a new flat is available. The service costs 90 SEK per month. If you choose to be contacted by SMS, it costs 3 SEK per SMS.
  • Hyresrättsbyrå is an agency which keeps a list of smaller companies which offer rental appartments. For 199 SEK per month you can look through their offer and get in contact with landlords.