Stockholm Accommodation Wiki

Inneboende (roughly inside living) is the term for shared acommodation, i.e. a place where the landlord lives together with his tenants.

Shared flats in Stockholm[]

It is not like in other European countries: there is no special contract with the owner of the appartment which includes all the people living there. It is not an agreement among equals.

It rather exploits the privilege of having an appartment. Since it is not a breach of contract to live together with someone in a flat, it is a perfect way to lower living costs by taking in other people.

This dependence comes however often with its side-effects:

  • there is often no contract between landlord and tenant. So there are no guarantees and no rights - but on the other hand little obligations.
  • the landlord often takes the largest and most convenient room for himself.
  • the landlord often charges his tenants so much money for their rooms that he has little or no running costs at all. In the best case this means that he pays an exceptionally small rent. In the worst case this may even mean that he lives for free in the appartment - sometimes even making a profit.

However, it has to be said that Inneboende is for many new people in the city a point to start. You don't have to live undercover and pay significantly less than for an appartment.

How to find such a place[]

The places to find such rooms are usually the same as for Andrahand (see links there).

Nowadays the landlords are often overrun by the mass of people looking for a place to stay. After posting the adverts the first replies will come in within hours or even minutes. It is not uncommon that a landlord can choose between dozens of applicants.

So: be quick! Don't wait if you find something suitable. If there is a telephone number in the contact address, call right away. The landlord may not even bother to read his mail.

You should also try to make use of the Swedish language. Writing partly in Swedish may make a good impression. It would also be foolish to disregard adverts posted in Swedish as this limits your chances of success considerably. Google Translate should be sufficient for many purposes. Feel free to use the Forum to post questions.