Studentbostad is a commonly used term to describe rooms and flats which are designated to full-time students.

Therefore it is a general requirement to be enrolled student at a Swedish insitution of higher education, such as universities. The different suppliers have mostly more specific requirements such as a minimum amount of study credits per semester. Exceptions are possible in some cases.

Exchange students usually get help from their universities to find a place. Also master students should first ask their university if there is any help available from the university.

If you cannot find any place through the suppliers listed below, Andrahand is the way to go. Among these is also a portal called Akademisk Kvart, which is expressedly directed towards students.

List of studentbostad suppliers Edit

  • Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB): The by far biggest supplier of student accomodation in Stockholm. It has currently about 3.900 student rooms, 2.600 student single room appartments and 1.400 larger appartments. Most of its buildings are in Stockholm. Some larger complexes are in Solna. The biggest site is Lappkärsberget (or shorter Lappis), a large student dorm beautifully situated just north of the university. Rooms and flats are assigned by waiting time in a bostadskö-like system. The requirement to collect waiting days is a membership in one of Stockholm's student unions (SSCO members). Students living in SSSB rooms and flats are required to get 15 student credits per semester. There used to be a time when 110 days were enough to get a room e.g. in Lappis. However, since 2008 waiting times have increased drastically due to the large influx of new students. Currently it is difficult to find anything with less than one year waiting time. During the summer it is even more difficult due to all the new students who come to the city.
  • Stockholm Stads bostadsförmedling, the general bostadskö of Stockholm, has also a section for students. The offers of Vasakronan, Svenska Bostäder and Micasa have been merged into this system. Some smaller providers are in it, too. Thus, it is providing probably around 2.000 student rooms and flats in the Stockholm area. You have to sign up to this system and pay an annual fee of 225 SEK to be a member. To sign the contract you have to prove that you are a student.
  • Kista Studentbostäder is a provider of about 400 student rooms and flats in Kista, one of the northern suburbs of Stockholm. To stand in the queue does not require to be a student.
  • Campus Roslagen has about 360 flats in Norrtälje, 60 kilometers north of Stockholm. It is mostly interesting to those studying on the Norrtälje campus of the Karolinska Institute. It may also be an option for those studying at KTH or Stockholm University because the bus from Norrtälje to Stockholm stops there.
  • Huge Bostäder has 700 flats in Flemingsberg in the Huddinge commune, south of Stockholm. They are close to a station of the Pendeltåg. The southern campus of Karolinska Institute and Södertörn University are nearby, too.
  • Riksten Friluftsstad provides 176 small flats for students. The name friluftsstad (open-air city) is no coincidence - the flats have roofs, of course, but it is outside the city. Riksten is situated in Botkyrka south of Stockholm. It has bus connections to Tullinge where the Pendeltåg goes to the city. It is quite convenient for students who study at Södertörn University or the southern campus of Karolinska Institute. There are cases known where students not enrolled to a Swedish university have found a place to live there.
  • Proventum has 230 flats south of Stockholm in Haninge, south of Stockholm. It is quite close to the Flemingsberg area and has a stop of the Pendeltåg nearby.
  • Studenthemmet Tempus is a student dorm in Bromma in the northwestern part of Stockholm and has a good connection to the city through the Green Line. Its specialty is that alcohol and other drugs are strictly forbidden - its run by an organisation which has sobriety as one of its goals (Nyktra studentboenden). It uses a bostadskö system to allocate its flats.
  • Tumba Centrum is a shopping center which has 80 student flats. Tumba is south of Stockholm very close to the Pendeltåg and in the central part of Botkyrka.
  • University Accomodation Center offers temporary accommodation for guest researcher, postdocs and some groups of students. Undergraduate students are only eligible if they study at Karolinska Institute. PhD students may come from some other large universities (check website for more details).
  • Campus Solna a little village of small cabins on a defunct road. Not exactly scenic, but quite comfortable with a camping-like feeling to it.
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