Stockholm Accommodation Wiki

Swedish is required on most websites. Without it your options are pretty limited.

You can try to get over this obstacle by learning the most important vocabulary to work with the websites you need to find a place. Direct contact with a landlord may still take place in other languages - after all more than half of Sweden's population speaks good English.

List of relevant words and common abbreviations[]

  • Avgift: literally "fee"; in accomodation context it refers to the fee you have to pay to the cooperative as an owner of a condominium or a row house.
  • Boarea: area of a room/flat/house
  • Boyta: area of a room/flat/house
  • Hyra: rent
  • kvm ("kvadratmeter"): square meter. (1 square meter = 10.7639104 square feet)
  • Lägenhet (plural Lägenheter): appartment
  • Område: Area
  • Rum: Room
  • rok ("rum och kök"): rooms and the kitchen. E.g. 3 rok means a three room appartment (kitchen and bathroom not counted)
  • Tomt: area of the property (applies to the area on which a house is built and similar cases)